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Alright, quick data check here. The Android has the highest free-to-paid ratio of any of the mobile app stores; particularly Apple. According to research company Ditismo, the actual number of free market apps is now higher than that of the App Store by about 12,500 apps. They also claim that the Android market will overtake the Apple App Store's premier app provider of the world in about five months.

Next up, I reported earlier about Acer's Iconia tab. Well here's a location update on its availability. It looks as if Target will be carrying it shortly. You can pick it up at Best Buy for $450, and there's no word yet on pricing for it at Target -- nor if it'll be at every location -- but there's always that chance that you can find it cheaper at Target. Just a heads-up to any of you who are looking to purchase one.

And now, here's one for all you weight watchers. Of all the calorie counters on the Android market, here's one we find particularly useful. The Fast Food Calorie Counter. The app contains info from 73 restaurants and holds data on over 9,000 menu items. If you're constantly on the go and keeping track of your caloric intake is something you need to know, then go...to the market right now.

And like a reduced portion rollup, that's a wrap for today.

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