Drew here for DroidNerds. Welcome back.

First up, we've a new development from Google. Have you noticed instant previews yet? Next time you do a search, look at your results. You'll see that next to the title of each one there's a little magnifying glass icon. If you click on one it'll activate them all, and then each time you mouse over one you'll see a rather large flyout thumbnail of the homepage. Pretty useful I suppose, although I've not found a need for it yet.

So what's that got to do with the price of tea on the Android market? Well Google
has just implemented instant previews for Android devices, although it's only currently available on version 2.2 (Froyo) and above. If you'd like to check it out, head on over to our website, where we've posted a demo video clip of it.

Now, just when we thought that the new Motorola Atrix 4G couldn't get any better in price, Amazon comes along and surprises us all. Now beating Radio Shack's already low price of $149.99, the Atrix 4G is available through Amazon for just $129.99 with a two year contract. So hurry...shopping carts are standing by.

Okay...we were about due for another edition of Angry Birds, weren't we? Well Rovio has just announced the addition of...are you ready? A St. Patrick's Day theme series of levels. It was already launched for IOS, just not for Android. It's full of Irish jingles, pots of gold, and even leprechaun hat wearing pigs. This new version is sure to keep you from doing something really important for hours. Want to check it out? Head on over to DroidNerds.com where we've posted a demo of it.

And that's it for now. This is Drew for DroidNerds, leaving you with this charming limerick.

There once was a droid from Nantucket
Who put his smartphone in a bucket
He threw in some gold
And some coins that he'd rolled

What in the world rhymes with bucket?

Hmm...see you next time.