Hey guys, this is Ashlei. And here's what's news.

If you've been anxiously awaiting the release of T-Mobile's Sidekick 4G, the latest word is that T-Mobile tweeted confirmation that April 20th will be the day you can pick it up in stores. It'll go for $99 on contract. And that very same day is when the LG G2X drops in stores. The choice is good, and you'll have two hot little devices to tease you.

Now, for fans of the Nook, things are going to heat up quite a bit. That's because Barnes & Noble released an email which opens up registration to developers for submitting their new apps for their Nook Color device. And while reading your favorite novel to fall asleep to is reason enough to own one; with all the new apps that'll be hitting the market soon, it'll give you even more reason to have a little Nook in bed with you.

And while that picture's fresh in your mind, let's talk video. And not just video.
Group video. There's a bunch of video chat apps out there. But it looks like Fring is going to be the first to bring group video calling to the arena. I thought rather than just talk about it, I'd show you a little instead. So here it goes.

d'Arcy: Hey Ashlei

Ashlei: Hi d'Arc', what's up?

Drew: Hey Ashlei.

Ashlei: Hi Drew, how's it going?

Guy: Hey Ashlei.

Ahslei: Who are you?

Guy: You're hot.

Ashlei: Well, two's enough for now.

That was great. If you want to see more, head over to Fring.com.

And that's it for now. This is Ashlei for DroidNerds; the hot spot for what
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