Hey there, this is Ashlei. And here's what's news.

First, let's take a look at the staggering first quarter Android numbers announced last week. Some 350,000 Android devices are being activated daily. That's nearly 2 1/2 million a week. And on the Android market, more than 3 billion applications were installed. That's a 50% increase over Q4 2010. With the explosive growth in the tablet sector, those numbers are sure to skyrocket. We consumers sure consume, don't we? "Go Android!"

And for even more incredible news, the successor to HTC's uber popular Droid
Incredible, the Droid Incredible 2, will be launching through all distribution
channels on April 28th. No word on pricing yet.

And finally, for all you less-than-dainty types out there; Motorola plans on
testing a new rugged device: a tough little tablet running Gingerbread. They claim it'll withstand a four foot drop on plywood, harsh temperatures, and dust. I'm not sure how dust fits in there but I read 'em as I see 'em folks. The 7 inch tablet will boast a dual processor and run at 1 gigahertz. That's one, not sixteen. And it'll have two cameras: 1.3 out front and 8 megapixel in the back. Motorola's aiming for a full business day of battery life, which should come in at around 5 1/2 hours of streaming video over wi-fi. No name has been announced for the tablet, but testing is said to begin sometime in October. Which means its release date is some time away.

And that's what's news for you. I'm Ashlei, and you've been updated. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned to DroidNerds for the latest in Android products and news. We're the hot spot for what Android's got. See you next time.