Hey guys, this is Ashlei, and here's what's news.

Well first, not everyone's happy about the AT&T/T-Mobile buyout. The FCC wants to know what you think about the acquisition, which is set to be finalized about this time next year. They've set a common page up for you to voice your opinion. So now's the time to speak up. Head over to this link to file your comment.

Next, Swype is a great keyboard option. It saves time and effort. And though it
takes some getting used to, it's a super way to type. Well it seems that the
upcoming release of the HTC Sensation will come with an optional Swype-like typing mode called HTC Trace. The option is disabled, but can be activated in the phone's settings. There's an option that lets you customize the thickness of the tracing line, which lets HTC Trace take into account the size of your digits. A rather nice feature. And while Swype hasn't had anything to say about the similarities yet, time will tell if the feature makes them stand up and take notice. We'll let you know if we have to bring Drew back in on this one.

And last, if you enjoy playing pool you'll love this app. Pool Break Pro, available
at the Amazon app store, lets you play a wide variety of different games. The
graphics and the controls are excellent, and you can even play an opponent online. There's also an option to chat while you're playing. This is a well-thought-out app and one worth checking out.

Well would you look at how the time is tickin' on. Gotta get goin'. This is Ashlei
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