Hey guys, Ashlei here. And here's what's news.

Earth Day is on its way, and Verizon is urging us to go green by recycling our
tablets. They've created a trade-in program that offers a gift card worth up to $300 towards your next purchase or bill. You'll have to determine whether your trade-in amount is worth it though, as the older the unit is the less you'll get
for it. But if you're looking for a quick and easy way to dump your device, this
might be a good option for you.

Next up, there's been word that Sony is planning on releasing an Android tablet
running Honeycomb. According to CEO Howard Stringer, the tablet will release in the U.S. No word on pricing, but let's hope it's more reasonable than the Zoom.

Are you as excited about getting your hands on the Experia Play as I am? Well it won't be long. The SEC has finally approved the device, and it'll probably be a matter of days before these hot little handhelds will flood the market, the
streets, and become the next gotta-have gadget. Of course time and consumer
reaction will reveal whether the device is a worthy alternative or replacement for
the PSP.

This is Ashlei for DroidNerds. The hot spot for what Android's got. See you next time.