Hello everyone. Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you. This is Ashlei bringing you what's news in the land of droid.

Let's get creative first. Taking full advantage of the fast growing Android tablet market, Adobe has announced its Photoshop Touch software development kit. The SDK interfaces with Photoshop CS5. A new scripting engine allows Android, Blackberry, and iOS tablets to interact with your desktop app. Adobe developed three apps for iOS: Color Lava, Easel, and Nav; which let you create custom color swatches, paint,
and use Photoshop tools directly from the tablet. The SDK will now allow apps to be developed on Android and other platforms. These are just the first few steps mind you, but it's a start in the direction towards one day ditching your desktop and taking your show on the road.

Next, Sprint joins T-Mobile and AT&T in rolling out carrier billing for Android
apps. This gives subscribers the ability to charge Android market purchases to
their Sprint bill. When you go to make a purchase you'll now see bill my account as an option. It's just another way to pay, but one that keeps your phone-related charges on your phone bill.

And last, get this. T-Mobile is rolling out a 79.99 all-inlcusive plans that covers
unlimited calling, texting, and data. But there's one cavaeat to this unlimited
plan. Consumers who exceed 2 gigabytes of data will have their data rates slowed down until their new billing cycle. Well that's a fine "how do you do?" huh? At least there won't be any insane coverage fees, but this is far from unlimited I'd say.

And with that, we're going to slow it down to a crawl here as well. Thanks for
joing us today. This has been Ashlei for DroidNerds, the hot spot for what Android's got. See you next time.