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"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Sprint is none too happy about AT&T's planned purchase of T-Mobile U.S.A. and has issued a press release opposing the deal. They consider it an anti-competitive acquisition and are urging the government to block the action. They go on to say that the transaction would reduce competition and harm consumers. Well, I suppose
that would depend on which side of the broadband fence you're on. The deal could effectively widen mobile broadband to 95% of the U.S., even in rural areas.

There have been rumors for the past year of a Sprint/T-Mobile merger. Now, whether that was only a rumor or didn't pan out is unclear. But one thing's for sure. Sprint's facing a pretty nasty demotion if and when this goes through. Swim with the sharks and you might get bit.

I love NPR. What I don't love is missing the shows that I love. Well guess what?
There's an app for that! Of course. And it's been upgraded. So if you've tried it
and weren't thrilled, check out NPR News 2.0. With it you can listen to, read, and create playlists of stories. You can hear live streams from hundreds of NPR
stations. Search by location using GPS, zip code, or call letters. And never miss
another segment of programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air. Or my personal favorite: Car Talk. And Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me! Download it now in the Android market.

And speaking of apps, head over to and check out some of Ashlei's apps of the day. Some recent posts include Calorie Counter by My Fitness Pal. It's one of the best in its class with a large food database. And the Android version also has a bar code scanner. Then, there's the American Heart Association's Pocket First Aid & CPR app; with up-to-date images, videos, and how-to's -- what to do in
an emergency is now as close as your smartphone. This is definitely an app you want to install. And it's free.

And last, with that magic date just weeks away, you might want to try filing with
the Turbo Tax Snap Tax App. Try saying that three times fast. This one lets you
take a snapshot of your W-2's and answer some simple questions to file your return. And then "ca-ching!". Money in the mail. Everything should be so easy and gratifying, right?

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