Been down these roads a time or two
Beverly Hills FLA
There's nothin' else to do

Been stranded at home
Two and a half long years
Had lots of time to think
And I shifted some gears

People be telling me
Drew just get any old car
Even a Chevette will do
Cause at least you can go far

But the Lord has His plans
And the Lord sees inside
I can't be drivin' no Chevette
That just ain't my ride

So He put His plan in motion
With a miracle or two
Opened a world of possibilities
For little ol' Drew

Now I drive a sexy car
That sure fits my style
Cause I be a filmmaker now
And I will for a while

So if you've got a dream
Don't let anyone crush it
Take their words of advice
Right to your toilet and flush it

Hold on tight to your dreams
Just like ELO said
And pretty soon you will be livin'
All those dreams in your head

I got transportation now
And it ain't no jalopy
I be creatin' my own style
Just like Isaac Mizrahi

So if you see me on the road
And I don't see you
I want you to beep, smile, and wave
And say "there goes Drew!"

There goes Drew!
He's steppin' out now in style!
He got a little yellow car!
And he will go far!

Hold on tight to your dreams
And don't let anyone crush 'em

Hold on tight to your dreams
And don't let anyone crush 'em